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Here you’ll find the latest blog posts written by Sean. The topics include mental health awareness, social issues, home and garden tips, and more. Sean also writes a food blog, Flavors of Paradis LLC. Discover recipes, kitchen tips, and more at the link below! 

Why Mental Health and Treatment for Disorders Matter

** DISCLAIMER **  This article discusses mental health. I  am not a medical professional. The content on this website, and in this article are not …

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Let’s Talk About What Pro-Life Should Mean

What does pro-life really mean? I brushed upon the topic of abortion in Is The United States Falling Apart, but it’s a topic deserving of its …

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Is The United States Falling Apart?

Where I Stand Politically Politics has always been a topic that frustrates me as much as it does fascinate me. If asked to choose between …

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Reinvent Your Holiday Dinner With This Lavender Gravy Recipe

A Smoky Twist on a Holiday Classic One of the most common side-dish staples on holiday menus is the liquid gold produced from turkey droppings, …

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How My Life Improved Backing Away From Social Media

The Decision to Cut Back on Social Media The decision to drastically cut back my time on social media is one that has been building …

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What Is My Belief System of the Afterlife?

The Afterlife Has Been Debated for Thousands of Years  The holy grail of the paranormal field is definitive proof of an afterlife and what ghosts …

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