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Here you’ll find the latest blog posts written by Sean. The topics include mental health awareness, social issues, home and garden tips, and more. Sean also writes a food blog, Flavors of Paradis LLC. Discover recipes, kitchen tips, and more at the link below! 

mental health

Why Mental Health and Treatment for Disorders Matter

Mental Disorders Affect . Mental health awareness is a topic that hits close to home, and I encourage others to speak about it more often. ...
pro-life debate

Let’s Talk About What Pro-Life Should Mean

What Does Pro-Life Really Mean? I brushed upon abortion in Are Politics Poisoning the United States, but it’s a topic deserving the spotlight. To put ...

Are Politics Poisoning the United States?

Where I Stand Politically Politics has always been a topic that frustrates me as much as it does fascinate me. If asked to choose between ...

Products That Will Give Your Garden a Jumpstart This Spring

From Seed to Seedling Seed starting trays are a perfect way to begin your seeds indoors, providing a jump start to the season. The MIXC ...

Meet Steve Sullivan, an Artist Who Transforms Processing Life Into Art

Steve’s Roots Steve Sullivan is a New Hampshire native living in Dorchester working as an artist, and working towards a career as an EMT. I ...

The Ghosts of Old North Cemetery

Old North Cemetery Looks Like Any Other A few hundred feet off the side of Route 3 sits Old North Cemetery. Driving north, it’s practically ...
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