About Sean

Sean was born and raised in southern New Hampshire and developed an interest in the paranormal hearing ghost stories about the area. At the age of eighteen, Sean began working with Fiona Broome, Lesley Marden, and local paranormal groups investigating homes and volunteering at public events leading tours during October.
Sean’s specialities in the paranormal field include low tech investigation methods, and tapping into his sensitive side to pick up on details of a location’s past.

In 2012 Sean shifted away from public events and began to focus more on his personal life and writing fiction. After a few years away from the paranormal field, Sean researched more in 2017 and started developing a few new books, including rewriting Low Tech Ghost Hunting 101 which will be re-released towards the end of January 2019. To see Sean’s works available, please click here.

For further inquiries, please use the contact page or email Sean directly at [email protected]

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