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Which Ghost Hunting Camera is Best?

It’s a Personal Choice There is no “best” ghost hunting camera, in terms of the style of photography. The two most common forms used in the paranormal field are film and digital photography. There are digital cameras which companies have converted into full spectrum cameras, but I prefer not to use them. If I want full spectrum capabilities or night vision, I use a camcorder. If you are choosing which form of photography to use, this article discusses the pros and cons of film and digital photography. The Advantage of Film Photography Though it has become an outdated style of …

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Which Orbs In Photos Are Real?

The Great Debate About Orbs There has always been a debate in the field about whether or not orbs are simply a photographic fluke, or something paranormal. And if they do exist, what are they exactly? I do believe some orbs are more than just dust or humidity.  Roughly five to ten percent of photos have something that is more than bugs, dust, or humidity. My theory is that if orbs are the energy of the spirits, that energy is always there. However, it is invisible to the naked eye, just like electricity. Of course, you cannot photograph electricity unless …

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Are Paranormal TV Shows Worth The Paycheck?

When I started to delve further into ghost hunting as a profession in 2008, I was eighteen. At that time, paranormal reality shows were on a steady rise across networks. Because of that, the scent of landing a spot on a show was in the air for everyone. It was something I was hopeful for in the future as a chance to see more locations and have hands-on experience. Over the last decade, shows have come and gone. Some reached extremes to attract viewers and crashed along the way. There are still shows left focusing more on the ghosts again. …

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