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The Reason Why I Started Ghost Hunting

Why I Started Ghost Hunting? While every ghost hunter has their reasons for why they hunt ghosts, almost all of the reasons root from the same origin; needing answers. Some may have an experience that left them puzzled and shaken. Others may question if there an afterlife, and if so, what it is? Some are naturally curious and gravitate towards the mystery of the field. And while there are of course those who see the field as their chance for fifteen minutes of fame, well, they don’t tend to stick around. At least not after those fifteen minutes are up. …

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The Questions I’m Asked Most As A Ghost Hunter

When hearing that I go ghost hunting, people raise an eyebrow. Their next response is either be “huh” with some skepticism or genuine interest. Either way, it isn’t something that many people hear often, and it leads to questions. Below are some of the questions asked most, and my answers to them. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, or if any of the answers surprised you, leave a comment! Do Ghosts Scare Me? While there have been a few times I’ve felt uneasy at a location, ghosts don’t scare me. You honestly have more to fear from …

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