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Which Ghost Hunting Camera is Best?

It’s a Personal Choice There is no “best” ghost hunting camera, in terms of the style of photography. The two most common forms used in the paranormal field are film and digital photography. There are digital cameras which companies have converted into full spectrum cameras, but I prefer not to use them. If I want full spectrum capabilities or night vision, I use a camcorder. If you are choosing which form of photography to use, this article discusses the pros and cons of film and digital photography. The Advantage of Film Photography Though it has become an outdated style of …

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What Ghost Hunting is Really Like

Is It Similar To The Shows On TV? Comparing live ghost hunting to TV shows is tough to do honestly, and it depends on the show. I generally categorize shows into two groups; those focusing on the technical aspect and history of the location, and those centering around the spooks. Those focusing on history portray ghost hunting more accurately. To be blunt investigations are not meant for thrill seekers, as they can be downright dull most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love the paranormal and have been a nerd in the field for over twenty years. If …

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Yes, Cemeteries Do Close After Dark, Even Without Posting Hours.

Cemetery Hours Are Sunrise to Sunset For the most part, cemeteries are indeed closed after dark. The most prominent reason why they are is due to costly vandalism. The most common vandals that trespass after dark are those who break headstones as well as causing other damage. The other frequent trespassers are those who enter the cemetery to use drugs and drink alcohol without being caught. Whether a cemetery is big or small, private or public, the sunrise to sunset hours generally apply. Even if there is not a sign stating the visiting hours or a gate that locks, assume …

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