Ghost Hunting Tools and Accessory Recommendations

This is a list of the ghost hunting tools and accessories that I have discovered over the years and recommend to new and veteran researchers alike. 

The Essentials

Never worry about forgetting a screwdriver with this 6-in-1 pen. I always have this in my bag, allowing me to take notes and unscrew battery covers with the same pen. The bonus with it being a two-pack is that you can leave one in your car as well as your bag, or give the second to another researcher on your team.  

Battery testers are a fantastic tool to use, not only during but before an investigation. There’s nothing worse than midway through an investigation finding out the batteries that you thought were new were running low. I haven’t had any issues with my D-Fantix tester and always have it in my bag. 

The bag I use for my equipment is the Lowepro Fastpack 250 AW II. I went through quite a few different storage options, and through trial and error, I finally decided on a photography bag. What I like most about the Fastpack is that the main compartment has adjustable padding so you can customize the spaces for a snug fit. It also has a built-in rain cover on the bottom of the bag, so you never have to worry about getting caught in the rain. There is also a built-in laptop sleeve that can fit devices up to 15″, or place a notebook inside of it you prefer. 

Whenever I need to light up a table, I always have the UCO Sitka 500 lantern. It has an extending arm that raises the bulb if you would like a wider coverage area. There are two different options, one that requires 6 D batteries, or a rechargeable model. I do recommend the rechargeable model, not only to save money on batteries, but it also serves as a portable power bank to charge devices through a USB cable. 


Morse Code Oscillator Keys are a tool I discuss in Low-Tech Ghost Hunting 101 and are one of my favorite low-tech tools. By tightening down the screw closest to the battery compartment, the device will produce a buzzing sound from the slightest touch on the lever, but will not react to vibrations. Because of the sensitivity and the functionality of using it to communicate with morse code, morse code keys are great tools to use in the field.

The Nikon D3400 is a versatile camera that is perfect that provides the power and control of a DSLR camera without having to spend a fortune. I’ve used it for three years now in the field, and it hasn’t let me down yet. It does record video; however it is limited to a maximum recording time of twenty minutes, does not have a port for external microphones, and cannot record IR light. So long as you okay with those factors, I would suggest the Nikon D3400 if you are looking for something with more flexibility than a point-and-shoot camera. Don’t forget an extra battery and sd card! 

The Spirit Box is a tool that I discovered recently and fell in love with after using it. It is a variation of the Shack Hack device but does not require any alterations of a radio. The device sweeps through radio stations continuously, so solid words and sentences are almost impossible to happen naturally. The Spirit Box has a rechargeable battery that can help cut down on the cost of batteries. One of the best features on the Spirit Box is that you can control the speed of the station change allowing users to experiment with the speeds. There is the ability to record sessions on a micro sd card (not included,) but it could be improved. The device will record the radio scanning, but not any external noise. What this means is that if you want full audio of your questions as well as the radio output, you will need to record the session using a separate recorder. Aside from that one downside, it’s a product that I do recommend.

My favorite EMF meter is made by Meterk. It’s a compact and affordable design that doesn’t sacrifice accuracy. Now, there are those who prefer the K2 Meter or Ghost Meter, but Meterk’s surpasses both in terms of functions. I prefer seeing numbers, and with a backlit LCD display, those numbers can be seen in low light conditions. The Meterk meter also has an alarm that will beep and flash red when the meter detects the levels that you set. What this is perfect for is when the meter is operating in a room without investigators in it, and monitored by your equipment. By setting the alarm to sound a few readings above the baseline reading, you will know exactly when the environment changes. Having that precision is what sets this meter above the rest. 

Evidence Analysis 

Multi-Card readers can be lifesavers if your computer does not have a memory card slot or you have a card that is not compatible with your computer.  

Portable scanners can make your life ten times easier when traveling to locations. While you will not be able to scan books or notebooks, any loose pages or photos can scan to your laptop without having to bring the pages with you, and later return them. This model does not require any batteries or power cords, generating power through your laptop via the USB cable. There is also a wireless option that will allow you to scan to mobile devices in addition to a laptop.  


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