Meet Abel Lima, a Boston Based Health and Wellness Coach

Abel Lima is a Rhode Island native currently residing in Boston. I connected with Abel as my coach for a health and wellness business offering 30-day nutrition wellness and maintenance systems. After having Abel as a coach for the system we kept in touch through Facebook, where I started learning more about his other career paths. For as long as I have known Abel, he is not intimated by a full schedule with multiple projects on his plate. Despite living a high paced life, Abel sets time aside to motivate others through his social media posts.

Abel’s Education

Abel graduated from the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles, majoring in media arts and animation in 2013. His style is reminiscent of cartoons and comic books stemming from his interest in both elements of design growing up. After relocating to Boston, Massachusetts, Abel worked at an illustration business based in Cambridge. His degree caught the eye of a friend that felt he would be a perfect fit for the startup. During his year of employment, Abel helped clients across the US and even the Department of Defense.

Illustration Work and Home Flipping

Abel handled a wide range of tasks, from creating original concepts and storyboards to illustrating projects through the final publishing and production phases. He works with multiple mediums, including digital and charcoal. One of the aspects of the industry Abel enjoys most is working with clients putting their vision to paper. Towards the end of Abel’s first year with the company, it would possibly sell to an advertising company. Unsure of the future and looking for a change, Abel began flipping homes.

Moving to the border of Rhode Island and Massachusetts provided a quick commute to real estate locations in both states. In Abel’s spare time, he began selling health and wellness packs and coaching after his success with the program. The summer of 2019 is when I reached out to Abel about trying the program, though we had spoken about it prior.

Abel’s Move to Health and Wellness Coaching

One of the reasons I felt most comfortable purchasing the program through Abel is that there was no pressure to buy. Though I purchased the plan in the summer, I began discussing plan options around January of 2019. At that time, I was hesitant about the cost. Between January and July, I had almost purchased the plan twice but got cold feet. I never felt annoyance from frustration from Abel, only understanding and willingness to help.

He is always open to discuss plan options depending on your goals and budget. That is one of the things Abel enjoys most about coaching. He does not believe in rushing a client or upselling them. He feels the system will work best when a client is truly ready for the wellness pack and will make each day count.

My Decision to Try the System

In August, I decided to purchase the program through Abel. I realized the cost of the food I would spend without replacing meals via the plan would pay for the program, not adding monthly expenses. The order and creation of my wellness account happened over the phone. After working with Abel as a coach, the desire to help and motivate clients was felt just as much on day 30 as it was on day one. He checked in to see how I was enjoying the products and reached out with motivational messages.  I do recommend the system now for a few reasons. Not only are the shakes a convenient and healthy way to replace meals but with the current state of affairs, it can be an advantage. It’s two fewer meals a day you need to worry about cooking, and fewer trips to the grocery store with home delivery.

How to Contact Abel

If you are interested in working with Abel he is phenomenal. Whether you know you want to try a system, or are curious to learn more about wellness packs, the best way to contact Abel is through his email, [email protected], or his Facebook. For more information about his illustration work, you can visit his website here.

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