Products That Will Give Your Garden a Jumpstart This Spring

Gardening is one of my favorite past times during the spring and summer. It’s a way to escape from the hectic workday and grow culinary plants used in cooking! While gardening is a Zen hobby, it can certainly have its frustrations. So I’ve created a list of some of my favorite products that have helped jumpstart my garden. From first planting a seed in the soil to germination to harvesting, the following are products I use and love for plants indoors and out. Use these products to keep your herbs, vegetables, and flowers blooming throughout the year. 


From Seed to Seedling

Seed starting trays are a perfect way to begin your seeds indoors, providing a jump start to the season. The MIXC 1020 trays offer a few advantages compared to competitors. Having four adjustable ventilation holes allows for more control over the condensation inside the dome. The included seedling trays also allow you to choose your soil material. If you prefer to use pellets, the trays have 36 holes that will fit 30mm pellets. My favorite feature of these trays is the dome’s height, more than double the height of some competitors. A taller dome allows plants to grow taller without raising the lid or using different equipment to maintain a humid environment. 

Providing Heat for Germination

Heat mats are a perfect way to provide a constant temperature to seeds starting in trays, increasing the chance of germination. VIVOSUN’s mats are the standard size which can fit two 10-inch square trays or one 10 by 20-inch tray. VIVOSUN also offers a temperature control device allowing gardeners to control the exact temperature of trays. 

Don't Allow a Lack of Windows to Stop Your Success Gardening

If your home does not have ample lighting, or there isn’t a space next to your windows for seed starting trays, grow lights will be your savior. These are the lights I use, and I love them. I have my trays on a tiled window seat, and the clip fits on the lip of the tile. The lights are long enough to provide enough light to cover up to a 20-inch tray. The power switch allows you to light one, two, or three light arms. It also allows you to control which colors illuminate and has a 3, 6, and 12-hour timer. 

Hand Tools to Help Transplant Your Seedlings into your Garden

Every garden needs a basic set of tools to aid with routine maintenance. This 12-piece set provides the essentials needed for everyday gardening tasks. In addition, they are of decent quality without compounding the cost of buying the tools individually. The tools will help you weed, remove debris, transplant, tie off stems, and store everything with the included tote. 

Providing Nutrients to Garden Plants

Whether I’m first moving a plant into my garden, transplanting, or re-nourishing soil, bone meal is a secret weapon I learned from my mom. Jobe’s organic bend contains nitrogen, phosphate, and calcium to help promote root development and fruit and flower growth. It’s a plant food I always make sure I have on hand and regularly use during the growing season. 

Rooting Powder Allows Your Garden Plants to Multiply

If you have a plant from which you’d like to start new seedlings, the rooting powder can work wonders, and the process is simple. Rooting hormone, while not necessary, provides nutrients to help speed up root development. It also comes in handy if you’ve had plants that did not grow roots well on their own in the past. When I pick stems to root, I look for 3 to 5-inch pieces that have new growth at the end. Next, I remove the lower third of the stems and gently scrape the naked stem with a knife. Use caution not only to avoid cutting yourself but also to only lightly scratch the surface of the stem. Next, I dip the stem into the rooting powder, shake the excess back into the jar, and immediately place the branch into a growing medium. Be sure to keep the medium moist to aid with root development. 

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