The Juror

In the 22nd century, Manhattan thrives as the capital of their territory after the fall of America. Crime is at an all-time low thanks to a new justice system. The capitol building now serves as the court house allowing money to be used elsewhere in central downtown. Jails have been eliminated, communities built in their place where inmates perform community service. Though the system seems to be a success, it comes at a price. One juror must decide if they are willing to pay that cost and who will pay it. Discover what secrets lay behind the doors of the capitol building in The Juror. 

The Empathy Factory

After the death of his wife, Herman begins a downward spiral losing a grip on his happiness. As the bills pile and finances run out, desperation and depression sink in. Dreams haunt his nights, washed away in the morning by alcohol. Secretly he wishes he could wake up as a different person. How far would you go to change your own life? Or the life of other’s for that matter.

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