Ways of Storing Paranormal Equipment Without Spending A Fortune

How to Find What Storage Works Best for You

When you are looking for ways to store and transport your equipment, there are three major buying points to keep in mind; how much you are willing to spend, making sure that your tools stay safe, and being able to quickly find your equipment. When I was trying to decide which storage to buy, I went through quite a few different options beforefinding a few final choices. Depending on where I will be going and how muchequipment I’ll bring determines which option I use. In this article I’ll go over what I use, and thebenefits as well as drawbacks of each. Here are a few things to keep in mindwhen reading over the options:

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Will it allow room in case you purchase more equipment in the future?
  • Does the protection offered match what you need?
  • How comfortable will it be to carry?

Toiletries Bags Are Affordable and Compact

If you have a handful of tools you use for ghost hunting that doesn’t take up much bulk but wish to keep them organized, toiletries bags may becomeyour best friend. They come in a wide variety of sizes and price ranges, so you’re sure to find something you like.Smaller pockets are perfect for storing stones and pendulums, spare batteriesand such, while the larger compartments hold small flashlights, compactcameras, voice recorders, and other smaller devices.

The downside to toiletries bags is that while investigating if you need to carry it around with you, it can tie up one of your hands. The seconddownside is that if your collection of equipment grows, toiletries bags canquickly become too small. If you want something with more storage capabilities,the next step up in size and price is a tackle box.

Tackle Boxes Come in a Variety of Sizes

Tackle boxes were the first storage option I began to use. What I like most about tackle boxes is that they are an affordable storage solution, easy to find, and come in a wide variety of price ranges and sizes for all budgets. One of the best benefits of a tackle box is that there are plenty of compartments, and most of the dividers are adjustable, keeping equipment organized and customized to a layout you like. The tackle box I purchased has six shelves, three on each side that fold down on top of a large compartment on the bottom. This design is not only compact but also allows you to see everything easily. The tools I use the most I put on the top shelves, and the ones I least use on the bottom shelf. Inthe bottom compartment, I store largerelectronics wrapped in bubble wrap for extra protection.

Camera Bags Offer the Most Protection, but Cost More

There are two downsides to tackle boxes to consider; ease of transportation, and the overall protection. Out of three options, tackle boxes can be the most awkward to carry, especially if outdoors where there isn’t a table to place it on. Regarding overall protection, tackle boxes are good for the organization, but the open design inside can allow equipment to jostle, especially if dropped. The next step up regarding price and protection is a camera bag or backpack.

Camera bags and backpacks will offer the most protection out of the three options mentioned in this article, and while they tend to be more expensive, there are lower cost options that don’t sacrifice quality. If you do decide to go with this route, I do recommend lookinginto a camera backpack for a few reasons. Not only do they offer a bit more storagespace, but being able to wear it on your shoulders frees up your hands duringoutdoor investigations, and is more comfortable when walking long distances.

Many camera backpacks will have a main compartment in the middle with padded dividers that can be moved around and secured with Velcro. This allows you to make storage spaces the size you need to fit equipment snugly and maximize space. If you bring laptops or notebooks to investigations, some bags have laptop sleeves built into the bag. One of the bags I have has a built-in rain sleeve for added protection, and if one isn’t included, separate rain covers are available for purchase. If you are you looking for maximum protection and easiest to transport, camera bags are the best option.

Have a Variety Depending on Your Needs

One recommendation I will make is to give yourself a few different options to change out as you investigate. Rarelywill I use the same bag back to back. It all depends on where I’m going and howmuch equipment I’ll bring. When it comes to finding other options for storage, theoptions are endless. Sewing boxes, duffle bags, even messenger bags can allwork. It all depends on your preferences.

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