The Importance of Knowing Your Ghost Hunting Equipment

Know What Is Normal Behavior for Your Equintment

While this is a relatively short article, it contains a tip that I feel everyone should keep in mind. That tip is making sure you are familiar with your equipment before investigating. This tip came in handy for myself last week while investigating with Lesley Marden at the home of a mutual friend of Lesley’s. For years minor occurrences happened in the home, the most common being psychic impressions. An investigation of the home had never occurred prior, so this visit was a top to bottom visit of each room and trying out different equipment to see what the results would be. While in the attic, Lesley senses a taller man standing in one corner who gave off a sense of being shy and staying out of detection.

Something Odd Began to Happen

I took out my camera, turned the power on, pressed the shutter button, the sensory light blinked, and nothing happened. Caught by surprise, I tried to take another photo with the same result. Right away I knew something was happening, and to confirm it I turned around to opposite side of the room. Sure enough, my camera took the photo as normal. The only thing different was where the camera pointed. The lighting, temperature, and settings were all identical. I let everyone know what was happening so they could pay more close attention to what was happening around them. Less than a minute after my camera stopped working properly, Lesley no longer felt the presence, and my camera worked fine again when pointed at that wall.

I Was Able to Respond Quickly

The reason I knew something odd was happening all comes down to my familiarity with that camera. I have been using it for about a year and a half now, not only during paranormal investigations but for book covers and general photography. I’ve used it day and night, indoor and outdoor, warm and cold. Having that experience allowed me to know what are normal habits for that camera, and failing to take a picture in low light have never been one.

It left me wondering would I have reacted as quickly to the malfunction as something more likely to be paranormal without that personal history with the camera? And to be blunt, probably not. The event was so quick that I probably would have adjusted the settings first instead of turning around, and by the time the settings would have adjusted, the event would have been over. After having that experience, I encourage everyone to spend time getting to know your equipment.

Start to Learn Your Equipment’s Habits Now

My tip for you is to use your tools in regular everyday locations without any paranormal claims. Bring your equipment inside and out, operate it in different temperatures and lighting conditions. Use it near microwaves or areas of electrical interference that is man-made, so you know the effect it may cause. If the device uses batteries, use the device until they are almost, if not fully drained, so you know if low power will cause any glitches. So long as the tool will not be damaged, try it out in different conditions when not investigating, so you will know what is and isn’t a regular malfunction. When potential paranormal activity is occurring, that is not the time you want to be troubleshooting devices. Doing so takes time away that could be spent either fixing the device more quickly or using other tools to capture any potential evidence. You can invest as little or much time as you’d like, but the more time, the better.

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