The Reason Why I Started Ghost Hunting

Why I Started Ghost Hunting?

While every ghost hunter has their reasons for why they hunt ghosts, almost all of the reasons root from the same origin; needing answers. Some may have an experience that left them puzzled and shaken. Others may question if there an afterlife, and if so, what it is? Some are naturally curious and gravitate towards the mystery of the field. And while there are of course those who see the field as their chance for fifteen minutes of fame, well, they don’t tend to stick around. At least not after those fifteen minutes are up. Why I started ghost hunting was half needing answers and half curiosity.

It Stemmed from Religious Doubt

As a child, my family did attend a Catholic church on Sundays. While we aren’t an overly religious family, I was baptized and received communion, and attended CCD classes. Around the age of ten, my family started to attend church less frequently. It wasn’t for any reason aside from it being tough on our schedules as a family. Despite not attending church anymore, I did believe in God and prayed. Over time as I grew up, I started to have doubts. Things were happening in the world that caused those, and some in my own life. While I had doubts about God and religion, I still believed in souls and an afterlife. What that left me with was a need for answers.

I Turned to the Paranormal for Answers

The best place I saw to start finding those answers was the paranormal. Whenever I was home sick, I would always watch Unsolved Mysteries. My favorite episodes were those about ghosts. However, seeing it on a tv screen wasn’t enough. I needed to see it for myself, so I began researching online. The first place I turned to is Unsolved Mysteries in 2005, which, as it turned out, was not affiliated with the show. It’s a fan site with user-posted articles. Today, the appearance of the site has stayed pretty much the same as it looked 14 years ago. The article linked is where I read about Gilson Road Cemetery, and that led me down a rabbit hole.

The Discovery of Hollow Hill

One of the sites that had the most content about ghosts in the area, including Gilson Road but also nationwide was Hollow Hill. I wrote down a few places in the area I wanted to visit, and because I didn’t have a driver’s license at the time, had my dad come with me. Over the next three years, I started visiting more locations, especially after having a driver’s license. Hollow Hill became one of the sites I visited most often for locations and general information about the field, and I signed up to their newsletter. In early summer of 2008, I received an email about ghost hunting classes being offered later that summer. There were ten spots available, so I jumped on the opportunity and signed up that day.

The First Ghost Hunting Class

I was able to reserve a spot in the class and couldn’t be happier. It was an opportunity for me to see what being a professional researcher is genuinely like, and pick Fiona Broome‘s brain, the founder and writer of Hollow Hill. The first class was at South Street Cemetery, which became one of my favorite places to visit. You can read more about it here. During that class, I realized I was sensitive to spirits. At first, I thought the images in my head were just my brain imagining things from the surrounding area. That thought vanished when Fiona described a spirit I had seen in my mind spot on, down to the dress she was wearing. Fiona and I spoke more about what we sensed at the location and started trading impressions.

After that first class, Fiona and I began to talk more outside of the course through emails. Once the classes ended in September, we continued to investigate locations together, and later on with Lesley Marden as well. During October, Fiona connected me to a few local paranormal groups that I helped lead tours of paranormal locations. The working relation with Lesley and Fiona turned into a friendship that remains strong to this day. After working with Fiona, I began to realize that it was possible to make a career out of ghost hunting, even if something small on the side. It takes a lot of work and dedication, but it is possible.

Why I Still Ghost Hunt, and What Is to Come?

Fourteen years later, I still research in the field. I’m not raking in money from doing it, but that was never why I started down this path. What held my attention was that this field is continually changing with discoveries about our brains, the universe, and how everything ties together. For people like me that are naturally curious about how things operate and connect, this field is my spiritual muse. Over the next few months, I have a few projects in the works, including a few books, developing a podcast series, and some changes to the site visually.

Why Are You Ghost Hunting?

If you are thinking of ghost hunting, what is driving you to do so is an important question you should ask yourself. If you are looking for personal answers like myself, the field tends to be more fun. Why I started ghost hunting probably won’t be the same reasons as yours. The best memories of researching are when I’d sit down with Fiona and Lesley over a cup of coffee and discuss what we’d call “woo woo theories” that, as strange and crazy as they may sound, you never know what may be out there! If you are here to earn a living through the field, it takes time and effort to do so. Most money made comes from book royalties, podcasting, and website revenues. It’s difficult to earn income investigating homes or getting onto a show. That route takes time to build a reputation in the community.

What are some of the reasons why you did, or want to start researching? Comment below with your own stories!

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