Yes, Cemeteries Do Close After Dark, Even Without Posting Hours.

Cemetery Hours Are Sunrise to Sunset

For the most part, cemeteries are indeed closed after dark. The most prominent reason why they are is due to costly vandalism. The most common vandals that trespass after dark are those who break headstones as well as causing other damage. The other frequent trespassers are those who enter the cemetery to use drugs and drink alcohol without being caught. Whether a cemetery is big or small, private or public, the sunrise to sunset hours generally apply. Even if there is not a sign stating the visiting hours or a gate that locks, assume it closes after dark and leave before then.

Being Caught by Police Can Leave A Record

The reason why I encourage this habit is for two reasons. The first is that you do not want to have a trespassing violation on your record. It does not look good when applying for jobs, or on college applications. The second reason is that you do not want to happen to bump into a vandal, or someone under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or even worse, both. I have not had the experience of this, nor do I want to. Now, if you wish to have a darker light for taking photographs, there are two options.

How To Take Photographs Later In The Evening

The first option will give you about a half hour to an hour to take pictures after sunset. To do this, plan to show up about two hours before sunset. Tour the cemetery to find your base temperature and EMF readings. Once the sun begins to set, take out your camera, digital voice recorder and other equipment you and your team will be using. Start to gather as much evidence as you can. Once the sun has set below the horizon, start to head towards to exit. While doing so, you will still be able to take pictures and record evidence. If for some reason the police do show up, you can kindly explain that you lost track of time, and are on your way to the exit.

If You Wish to Visit During the Night, There Is a Way

The second option is to contact the owner of the cemetery. If the cemetery is public property, most towns will have a webpage specifically for their cemeteries and who to contact for information. Use that contact information to request a visit after dark. I would not recommend lying about why you are going to be there. You want a good reputation, and lying about your reason for being there will not get far. If you are upfront and gain a better rapport with the owners and caretakers, they may be able to help you gain access to other locations. If the cemetery is owned privately, finding the owner may be more difficult. When you do locate the owner, follow the same procedure as contacting the town.

You Can Still Capture Evidence During the Daytime

If denied the ability to be there after dark, a daytime investigation can be just as rewarding as a nighttime investigation. The only advantage to being in a cemetery after dark is that orbs show up better in photography. However, I have taken many photos of orbs just before the sun sets. As I said previously, I encourage day time visits to cemeteries. Not only will you not be breaking any laws, but you also will not have to worry about vandals or those who are using paraphernalia after dark.

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