How to Make Your Own Incense at Home

Incense has been used for thousands of years in religion and, more recently, as a method of aromatherapy in homes. “The popularity of aromatherapy has led to a growing interest in incense as a means to make our homes more welcoming, more inviting, more pleasant” (Sams & Schwartz, 1999, p. 2). Incense is available for purchase, but you can easily create it at home. The best way to make incense is to combine your chosen ingredients with a base material, add potassium nitrate, and bind it with a gum tragacanth glue. The key to making incense is selecting the right …

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Ghost Hunting Tools and Accessory Recommendations

This is a list of the ghost hunting tools and accessories that I have discovered over the years and recommend to new and veteran researchers alike.  The Essentials Never worry about forgetting a screwdriver with this 6-in-1 pen. I always have this in my bag, allowing me to take notes and unscrew battery covers with the same pen. The bonus with it being a two-pack is that you can leave one in your car as well as your bag, or give the second to another researcher on your team.   Battery testers are a fantastic tool to use, not only during …

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The Ghosts of Old North Cemetery

Old North Cemetery Looks Like Any Other A few hundred feet off the side of Route 3 sits Old North Cemetery. Driving north, it’s practically invisible. If you do happen to see it, it looks like a typical New Hampshire cemetery. An iron fence encompasses the border, with an internal fence surrounding the Minot Enclosure. Should you decide to turn onto North State Street and drive through the front gate, you’ll soon learn not everything is as it seems. If you explore long enough, you may even meet some of the ghosts of Old North Cemetery. I first visited the …

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